The Abbazia Club Hotel Marotta is looking forward to welcome you! Right on the sunny Adriatic coast in Italy

CITY TOURS - The region Marche

The countless natural and cultural beauties of the near and far region are almost impossible to list, let alone to visit at once. The 10-14 days long holiday is usually too short to visit even a fragment of all of these sightseeing.

However, we are eager to provide you some assistance in advising some of these places, which won the appeal of our guests:
The not-so-well-known city of San Leo is considered by the Italians to be even more valuable sightseeing, than San Marino. The oil-palm crowded hill of Assisi, the medieval alleys and monasteries are ever-lasting memories for pilgrims and tourists alike.

Furlo is a wonderful mountain pass with crystal clear waters. Fiorentia, Rome and Pisa can be achieved from Marotta within a day, but if you want to return on the same day, you might have only a small preview from those places. However, these sneak-previews are more than enough to root the determination of coming back again!

    Here are the list of the major cities which are within 1-day driving distance:
  • - Perugia ca. 130 km
  • - Ancona ca. 40 km
  • - Siena ca. 150 km
  • - Assisi ca. 170 km
  • - Florence ca. 220 km
  • - Pisa ca. 250 km
  • - Rom ca. 340 km


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